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We have been featured in Dubai’s leading English newspaper

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Posted on September 21st, 2008 by admin

3 Responses to “Khaleej Times Article”

  1. Shoaib Says:

    Assalamu aleikum,

    Great to hear about the wonderful response you have recieved, and the good coverage you are getting in different newspapers. Living here in Norway I must say that your podcasts have been a great help and inspiration to start learning Arabic.

    Ive wanted to learn arabic for a long period of time, but somehow something always comes up. The podcasts are a wonderful way of learning, and I now copy it to my mobile and listen to it on my daily commute.

    Keep it up!


  2. Francisco Fernandes Says:

    Let me begin by complimenting you guys on the great work you are doing! Your lessons are fabulous and I really love them. I happened to accidently find one of your lessons on while searching. I hope many more people come to know about your site!

    I am a non-Arab expat living in Dubai. Me, and many of my non-Arab friends would like to learn and understand Arabic. However, the biggest difficulty we face here is finding quality tutors that charge a reasonable fee. There are a few Arabic teachers but they are not very proficient in English. Then there are those that are good but charge a hefty fee. This makes it quite difficult.

    You guys are an exception. I hope, I would be visiting your site almost everyday. Keep the lessons coming guys!


  3. Will Says:

    Great site.

    You deserve every bit of coverage that you get. I am a student of the Arabic language, and have not encountered such an engaging program.

    I really love the way that you accommodate different skill levels, and a include very good placement test on your site.

    The dialogs are the perfect length with just the right amount of explanation.

    The conversation is natural, and the subject matter is useful and humorous. Good insights, nice mix of Fusha and Aameyya. Competent and approachable presentation. Fantastic job all around!

    Mabrouk wa Shukran Gazeelan.


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