Skype Tuition

We can now arrange one to one tuition over Skype between you and one of our worldwide contacts.

The process is as simple as 1 2 3:

1. Email us at and let us know you’re interested.
2. Send us payment for the lessons
3. Have your lessons!

Basically, by going through us you will be covered, as in your funds will remain with us until you have had the lessons and we can refund you on unclaimed lessons if you were not happy for whatever reason. Contact us for further information.

Posted on April 21st, 2012 by admin

5 Responses to “Skype Tuition”

  1. kheriya Says:

    i’m intrested in one to one tuition

  2. poineer Says:

    Excuse me, I’m Arabic-native speaker. I’d like to help non-native speakers. I don’t need any payments. How can I get to them, please? I’m interested. I’d like to exchange Arabic-English with English-native speakers,

  3. Roberto Bandini Says:

    very interesting ! would you let me know the cost for a lesson or for a series of lesson. since i am busy and travelling a lot, I would like to arrange the lesson on saturaday, do you think possible ? do you think necessary to schedule on agenda or possible to define time to time ?
    I assume the contains of the lesson will be setted according to my level, doesn’t it?

  4. admin Says:

    Please email if you’re interested in the lessons including queries regarding payments etc

  5. plop Says:

    very good idea – this is exactly what I need ie conversation exercise so I can put into practice what I already know and get used to be exposed to the language when spoken to by native.Guess it is a difficult exercise at the start.
    how does it work ? 1 hour lesson /session about a certain topic? what is the cost ? can I pay via paypal ?
    thanks for your reply
    leo hj (long time member)

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