New Features

ArabicPod has been hard at work (as always) to bring you the best resources to help you on your way to learning Arabic.

You may have noticed some of the new features added in the last few weeks, including:

  • An Arabic Keyboard for lesson discussions:  You can now get writing Arabic letters with ease and share your Arabic comments.


  • Arabic text align: Arabic text has now been programmed to align to the right, as it should be, making the Arabic easier to read on lesson comments.


  •  ‘Audio Transcripts’: These are exclusively for Premium Users, you will now be able to listen to each sentence in the pdf and really get to grips with the words.

Audio TranscriptAudio TranscriptAudio Transcript

  • Exclusive games that were created to help you learn certain aspects of the Arabic language.


Keep your eyes peeled for more new features coming your way soon!

Posted on February 17th, 2008 by arabicpod


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