ArabicPod Dictionary

We’ve finally released a beta version of our own dictionary! This is what we believe is the only Audio Pictorial Arabic dictionary on the web. Some of the additional features of this dictionary are:

  • Audio and text examples
  • Related lessons
  • Multiple results per search
  • Random search

This is still in a beta version because the dictionary doesn’t cover all Arabic words at the moment, but words searched for that are not in the dictionary will be recorded so that we can add them soon after, until the dictionary covers all the words out there.

Posted on November 2nd, 2008 by arabicpod

5 Responses to “ArabicPod Dictionary”

  1. Omid T Says:


    Thank you guys so much for your lessons and please keep them coming. I found your podcasts and I am going through them as fast as possible. replaying and replaying.

    Come visit us at

  2. mudarrisone Says:

    I will open routine (maybe once a week) this site because it can be support my study in arabic. pray me because I will be continue my study at king saud university at diploma programe, insyaallah. before today I am still studying at university of Indonesia.

  3. chris Says:

    guys, thanks for this dictionary. do you have plans to add vocabulary to it? that would be really helpful.

  4. Shoaib Says:

    Thanks for the dictionary … would it be possible to get a function which could open up the dictionary say for “all words starting with” a given letter? (all words with ا or ب so far … )? And maybe even let others submit words (translations)?

  5. moossaajalil Says:

    Bismilläär Alhamdulillah for Arabic pod May Allah grant you all the assistance in this language institution.
    I use Mac and they have Alqamoos Arabic Arabic plug in but we need a more comprehensive English Arabic English or if there were a system where all the Transcript text material be engineered to dictionized into vocabulary and sign posted but the best thing about Arabic pod we can repeat and repeat and listen and try to dictate to ourselves and pick up the patterns.

    However Try Teach your self Arabic It is has a lot to offer insha Allah

    May Allah reward those who struggle to seek knowledge and true path for sake and grace of Allah

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